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Our Flagship Centres

‘To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. ‘We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us’ (Winston Churchill)

We operate over multiple sites, and have a presence in different parts of the U.K from Newcastle, Wirral to London. To obtain more details about one of our centres or if you would like to visit us please get in touch.

Appreciating the importance of staff morale, we create premises that promote a sense of openness and which incorporate natural light. Modern insulation techniques also reduce noise, which makes for a more relaxed environment. 

The overriding challenge for TCG Medical when considering design of its Health Centres is reconciling the need for patient safety, effectiveness and efficiency and the need for creating a truly therapeutic environment.

For this to be successful, it is essential that all who receive healthcare are aware of the nature of this interrelationship. Achieving effectiveness and efficiency in combination with creating a safe, healing environment are of vital importance in order to address the challenges from dwindling resources, increasing public expectations and demands.

This includes meeting the needs of an aging population and the expectations from rapidly changing technological advancements. Having to do more with less while being able to achieve value for money are worthwhile goals at anytime – but they have an increased level of interest and scrutiny within a health and care context. The above factors create an appropriate context for how we make our centres align  with our responsibilities under the NHS Constitution for ensuring that “services are provided in a clean and safe environment that is fit for purpose, based on national best practice”. In so doing, our vision is of good design of healthcare premises that is often integrative nature.


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