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Identifying Partnership Opportunities
New partnership opportunities in general practice have become rarer recently, which has left many newly qualified general practitioners unhappy. Over the past 10 years the workforce in general practice has seen a noticeable shift: practices have begun taking on fewer general practitioner (GP) partners and instead are hiring more salaried GPs. In 2000 there were 26 001 full time GP contractors in the United Kingdom and only 555 salaried GPs, but by 2010 the number of salaried GPs had increased more than 12-fold to 6962 full time equivalents and the number of contractors had slipped by 6.2% to 24 394.
One of the main reasons for taking on salaried GP's as opposed to a Partner has been the misconception that an existing Partner will end up losing on the financial benefit they enjoy. Data however, suggest otherwise. Whereas the pay for GP partners has been creeping down by 1.4% a year since 2005-6, according to figures published recently by the NHS Information Centre, pay for salaried GPs rose by 1.2% between 2008-9 and 2009-10, making them a more expensive prospect for practices.
Choosing the right partner can strengthen your Practice, and make it less vulnerable. Single-handed Practices especially face a variety of risks, both from a legal and medical perspective. 
TCG has access to a wide network of GP's and we can introduce you to the right partner for your Practice. We can help you develop a contract that protects your interests, and help your Practice develop a partnership that can have tremendous benefits, such as sharing financial risks, providing emotional support, broadening key medical competencies, and expanding perspective when grappling with strategic issues. 
Contact us and we will begin exploring what oppotunities exist for your Practice. You may also contact us if you are a GP activing looking to join a Practice as a partner.
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