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GP's have complex legal needs, and often seek out help from Solicitors or legal firms to address problems and issues. Solicitor's fees can cost in the thousands of pounds, with a prolonged process of communication which often drag the issue longer than necessary. In many cases, Solicitors do not have the competency to be able to take on complex medical matters, or exploration of arbitration routes. Our aim is to reduce legal costs in any matter, and to resolve the issue in the shortest possible time. We do not have any incentives to prolong matters, as we only work on a fixed fee basis on most problems.

In the first instance, make contact with TCG who can examine your issue, whether related to Clinical Negligence, Partnership Dispute's, problems with contractors, staff/HR related issues, and can help you resolve the problem without ever needing to hire a solicitor, at a fraction of the cost.

We have dedicated individuals with extensive legal knowledge, which will handle the matter for you at all stages. In the small number of instances where a matter needs to proceed to court, we work with highly specialised barristers, and can prepare a detailed case for them. This whole process can save you thousand's of pound's on legal fees. 

In many instance we can also help in forming a CFA (Conditional Fee Arrangement) where we only get paid if we are successful in resolving the issue on your behalf.

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