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Partnership Contracts

If you are already operating a business in a partnership, or you intend to do so, it is crucial that the agreement between the business partners is set out in a formal partnership agreement.


In the absence of a partnership agreement, UK law will imply certain terms into the business relationship whether or not the partners agree or are aware of the implied terms.


At TCG we can help you to avoid future partnership disputes and ensure that your partnership agreement is properly recorded.


Our partnership expert can provide advice for:

  • Partnership Formation
  • Partnership Dissolution
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Partners Duties and Liabilities


Partnership Disputes


TCG is highly proficient in helping Partners resolve all types of disputes. Actions might be taken against fellow partners, because of their breach of their statutory or fiduciary duties, or for breach of the terms of the partnership agreement. Frequently, partner disputes arise because one or more partners consider that another partner is not pulling their weight, or is taking an unfair share of profits.


This in turn may lead to one or more partners leaving the partnership either by serving notice, or by expulsion.


This can lead to a claim for damages or other relief, for example:-

  • an account of profits;
  • forfeiture of fees;
  • compensation for losses caused to the partnership for breach of fiduciary/contractual duties;
  • an injunction preventing certain actions occurring.

We provide assistance to partners leaving a partnership, in connection with their rights and entitlements as partners, and the processes to be followed in connection with any termination, suspension, retirement or expulsion.


Contact us today and let us help you solve any partnership dilemmas. 



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