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Equity Release

TCG can help you finance the purchase of a building for you GP Practice, or alternatively purchase your interest in your existing Practice and enable you to release the equity in your building, which is especially useful when considering your retirement options. 


Combined with our Property Identification Service, we can take the stress and risk away of owning a commercial building and help you release funds for better use elsewhere. Contact us with your proposal and we will be happy to consider and present you with a variety of options.


Lease Back


Do you want to release equity from your surgery whilst still remaining in practice?


If so, then Sale and Leaseback may be ideal for you!


TCG is regularly approached by Healthcare Investors who are actively seeking to invest in GP surgeries in your area. We are therefore notifying Doctors who may be interested in releasing equity whilst still continuing in practice.


There are a number of benefits to selling your surgery and leasing it back on terms to suit you:


You can free up cash for other commitments and services.


New doctors will no longer have to buy out departing doctors for their share in the property. This gives you peace of mind that future partnership changes will be smooth and worry free!


Doctors can take career breaks or retire without the hassle of selling their share.


Doctors are not in a situation where they are having to fund the property from their own resources as the rent is usually set at a level not exceeding that set by the District Valuer.


Leases are only assigned to the current partners, meaning that departing doctors are no longer liable.


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