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Facilities management is about providing you with an expertly-managed solution to whatever organisational problem you may have. Expertise, talent, dedication and excellent people management skills are the key to running a successful facility. TCG Facility Management's bespoke approach will combine our expertise with your aspirations.


We help Practices ensure the building meets the specification for CQC, DDA and Infection control compliance, and any other relevant legislation.  We can help you create a patient experience and environment that is, both generally and specifically, at least the equivalent of that expected in NHS premises.

Facilities Management encompasses the overall management of facilities as well as the delivery, where required, of “FM Services” defined as: fabric and mechanical and electrical services; sterile services & infection control; clinical waste management; waste management; cleaning services; linen and laundry; pest control; security; fire; reception services; postal services; deliveries; refreshments/vending; and health and safety.
We can help with the responsibility of carrying out assessments such as Fire Risk Assessments, Water Management, Health & Safety Risk Assessments, statutory electrical and gas safety tests, and actioning any necessary remedial actions.

Whether it is with installation of a new heating system, telephone exchange, IT equipment, or securtiy systems, we can help you make decisions and find the right contractor and save you money both in the long and short term.


Contact us now and let us help you plan and implement facilities related solutions at your Practice.

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