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Our History

TCG Medical Services was formed in 2012 in response to a rapidly changing landscape in the GP Practices sector of the NHS. The key objective of TCG was to create a link between business and industry within GP Practice's and make improvements in management in such a way that increase productivity and profitability. In the current climate of diminishing budgets and greater responsibility, key skills like business efficiency, tax planning, financial control and investment are immensely important to GP's, and TCG fulfills that role by having all the expertise needed for these areas under one roof.

The management team consists of highly informed individuals from the Legal and Financial sectors, as well as Secondary Care Doctors and GP's, who all bring together their experience to form business models that lead to a hghly efficient, thoroughly effective, structured, and profitable Primary Care approach to running a GP Practice. 

What makes us different from any other GP Practice management firm is our vast experience in different industries and the passion and experience of the team. We have brought together the best people in their field together and provide services for GP Practices in a plain speaking, results driven manner.


Today we are an ever evolving business with YoY increase in business, revenue, and clients, and we are assisting leaders in the GP sector in challenging the status quo, implement dynamic and streamlined systems, as well as create new models that meet post-millennium healthcare needs. 


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